For an optimal selection of material for creating the right self – adhesive label for You, we need to know some specific information and your requirements, how you are going to use these labels. What is the purpose of it? Do you want to highlight something specific? Do you want to capture your costumer's attention with it? What is the use of this label?

The material we are using for our labels, we are buying from world-class producers of self – adhesive materials. Our customers can choose from a wide range of materials, such as paper or plastic materials.

We offer also different types of structure materials, white or transparent plastic materials, metallic, holographic or thermo – materials. Our materials are suitable for moist places, the pharmaceutical industry and are eligible to use for super – embossed or in other way noble labels.

We are using different types of glue for our self – adhesive labels, which we can properly choose to fit your specific needs and usage. They can be permanent or non – permanent (multiple times removable) glues, acrylic or hot – resinous glues. Materials and glues which are suitable for moist places, freezers or in other way specific conditions of storage. The material and glue are also selected according to surface on which it should be applied to hold properly.

We are more than happy to help you with choosing the right material and glue. We suggest you also some interesting combination depending on graphic design and item, on which the self – adhesive label should be applied.


Metallic material for self – adhesive labels is specifically modified metallic microlayer applied on paper or plastic material. Most popular are silver or gold materials suitable for a wide range of graphic labels, which can be used for different types of beverages, foodstuffs or other items. With fitting graphic design, you can highlight motives with metallic colorful effects and add to your product elegant and noble look.


Self – adhesive label with the structural material is perfect for higher – class and noble beverages or liquors, foodstuffs, cosmetics etc. Mostly they are natural materials with a different structure. It can be smooth and matte, with a different texture, with wavy lines or with other structures. With these types of material, you can evoke ancient feel, modern feel or just simply a pleasant touchable and viewable feel. With a scale of colors, you can even enhance the feel you want. Are you interested in ancient colors, snow – white color, deep black color or dark blue satin color? Part of the more modern materials is definitely wood and cork materials.

The choice of the material is of course up to your preference. We have a wide range of different colors and types of structured materials, so we are able to fit your specific need and what for the label will be used.

We can offer you also a different type of finish and used technology (hot – embossing, embossing, silk – screen printing, etc.) to enhance your product even more and create a feel, which your customers would be not able to resist.


Different type of finishing touch can create a different type of feel of the material. Materials such as paper, plastic or transparent material can still have a glossy or matte finish. This adjustment is not affecting, how the self – adhesive label can be used. You are able to use it for beverages or liquors, foodstuffs, cosmetics etc. It is the same for this type of material as for the other types.

The material can be smooth and glossy or smooth and matte. It is all up to you. With a combination of well-selected foil (gold, silver, etc.) and hot – embossing we are able to create interesting effects for our self – adhesive labels. The contrast between the smooth & glossy surface of the label and metallic foil of hot – embossing or the opposite, the smooth & matte surface and glossy hot – embossing. Either way, it will liven your label up and make it more appealing and attractive.

New - wooden label from the veneer of a cherry tree!

People used wooden casks and containers for storage of beverages and food since ancient times, but… Did you know that a self – adhesive label can be also made from wood? Our company can offer you this type of material, a "WOODEN" label. The shape of the label is up to you. And if you choose to add hot – embossing, with metallic foil we are able to make the self – adhesive label even more interesting and attractive.

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